Sunday, June 29, 2008


Wednesday June 25, weighing in at 6lbs 8oz, 17.5" long to the proud parents of Melissa Toves & Eric Clemena

at Guam Memorial Hospital, Oka, Guam. (I don't know why they use the area name of it's not one of the official/proper villages?!!!)

Melissa had a hard time with this her first pregnancy. She gained a ton of weight, rashes, pimples, high blood pressure, and was placed on bed rest a week before the birth. She was induced and after 30 hours of labor...the doc recommended C-section.

Erin Kimberlee joins Jenny Alexis as the 2cd grand of the Toves-VanderHoeven clan. Here's GRANDMA JENNY holding Erin>

Jenny Andrea is due in August...we're expecting the 3rd grand-daughter! (there seem's to be a dearth of grand-sons!)

Baby Erin & Melissa got to go home just this last Friday. We didn't visit so they could settle in peace.
We think she's going to have "ching - ching" eyes...same as her mom & dad!

Proud Auntie
Katrina! >

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wrapping Lumpia 2007

Jeff & Valerie & baby supervising the wrapping of lumpia!

L: Karen with the nephews & neices wrapping Lumpia

Here's Valerie, Pam, and Judy wrapping Lumpia for our dinner. Was this only last year?!!!

Food - always comforting and excuse for all to sit around and visit!

Are the huge jar of Shrimp Chips still gathering dust in Dad's pantry? I'm always amazed at how the VanderHoeven clan doesn't do shrimp! Yum!


Anyone remember this???? Spring...Dad's tree in the back yard! The first time I've ever seen Seattle other than in the winter!

Sarahissa's new Skimboard! March 2008

Sarahissa's new skimboard! This is Tumon Bay, the heart of our Tourism district.
Sarah's gotten quite dark using her board! She's into cheerleading, Polynesian Dance, the newest music, and boyfriends!
Sarah's got to attend summer school....or no graduation next year! Summer school is gonna her sister Cyn is hooking up for a hostess job at Outback Steakhouse. Cyn is a supervisor/server there. Has been since she moved out a couple of years ago.
This was taken after Easter Brunch...I went home and slept, the clan took a dip.

The kids! Dec 2003

Foreground: L-R Ryan & Doug
Middle: Cynthia, Katrina, Sarahissa
Back: Melissa & Andrea

Wow, to think...this was only 4.5 years ago! They grow up fast!

Andrea's UOG Graduation Pics Jun 2007

This is Doug and my brothe Ebb with the look of "when r we eating?!!!"

Andrea's Graduation Jun 2007 Pics

Andrea-Alexis-Jenny...this ugly red dress has been ordered destroyed upon pain of shame!

Andrea's UOG Graduation Pics Jun 2007

Here's Cynthia-Andrea-Melissa-Katrina-Sarahiss posing next to Dre's cake at her graduation dinner


Here's Andrea with her daughter Jenny Alexis posing after her pinning ceremony that makes her a nurse!

After completing her degree, Andrea took a few months off. She was really nervous about taking the Enclex exam that is the legal benchmark for being a registered nurse in the US. She really stressed out over it....but....passed it on her first try! (the Nurse's program at our university is excellent....95% of the graduates pass the Enclex exam on the first try)

Everytime I bumped into the 2nd Lady of Guam, her first question would be when would Andrea turn in her papers for our only civilain hospital on the island. The 2nd Lady of Guam is the Head Nurse at GMH. When I was leaving her wedding reception a few months ago...I went through the receiving line to say goodbye as I was ditching...same thing...not "hi Frank" or anything...but when was Andrea gonna start at the hospital!

Living on a small island with a relatively small population...has its advantages. Due to our involvement in local civic events....we have the advantage of being able to actually speak with our local leaders at most events.

Andrea has been working at GHM for the past few months....and is loving it! There are major problems at the hospital...the island is basically broke...and the hospital is constantly short of nurses, doctor specialists, and supplies. There's a private movement to establish a hospital under private control, but of course open to all.

Andrea is basically resigned to the fact that in about a year, she will move to the Seattle area to explore the economic benefits of being a nurse there. The pay here is terrible....$17.70 an hour for a registered nurse! Andrea's husband has a brother there they'll have family on both sides!

I have to congratulate Andrea in reaching her educational and career goal while also providing for her daughter by working full-time while going to school full-time! It was tough, but now she's set for life! :-)

We'll upload pics of her, her daughter Alexis and her husband Andy next week it seems they've planned a family BBQ here at the house to celebrate not only Fathers Day...but Alexis' 10th Birthday!

si Kiko

Catching Every1 Up

So, here's the first VanderHoeven-Toves Blog! That's Ryan about a year ago showing off is spear fishing catch!

Jenny Diana - also working hard, still at K-Mart
Jenny Andrea - Guam's newest Registered Nurse, working at Guam Memorial Hospital, expecting August 28, Jenny Alexis is turning 10 tomorrow!
Melissa Adrianna - Operations Manager Bank of Guam, expecting July 17
Franklin Douglas - working at TGIF
Ryan David - graduates from UOG next June with degree in Marketing
Cynthia Rita - supervisor at Outback Steakhouse, completed 1st year of college, hates it!
Katrina Lynn - works at K-Mart, completed her 1st semester of college, luvs it!
Sarahissa Mikaila - enjoying her last summer of high school!