Thursday, November 20, 2008

Effects of Guam's Biggest Loser on poor husbands!

Ok...on the first day of their 1,500 calorie's what me wif fed me:

pork chops, pork belly, and short ribs, with a huge portion of white rice with soy sauce and finedene! I looked at Jen and said " r u try'n to kill me?!!!!" I mean - it's so tacky to serve two types of pork...should've at least substituted one of the pork items for lamb or something?!!!!

I think it's great that Jen & Dre are doing this! Jen tried to get me to partner with her....but...unlike her...several thousand folks on this island know me!!!!! I can't make a fool of myself on public tv for the entire island to view!

I'm not sure I like one of these trainers....I think he's too "friendly" with my female folk! lol! Actually...this trainer Eli...he knows me.

One of the of the female partners....she's a local senator....just re-elected too!

It's really tough to lose weight on this island! We attend all kinds of events....baptisms, christenings, weddings, novenas, funerals, gala events, birthdays, office events, everywhere!...and none of it healthy! We tons of fat/protein...and our vegetables are cooked in either butter if we're modern....or coconut milk if traditional! We eat tons of white rice....every meal including breakfast! I believe our national steak is spam. We even have a version of spam that has the Tabasco already added to it!

Dre tells us daily of us locals dying at the hospital because of complications from our lifestyles...we have a huge problem with diabetes! They know they're diabetic...but still eat like farmers and lay around like couch potatoes!

I downloaded several recipes of a leafy vegetable that's delicious sauteed with garlic....kangkong...but has Jen made it for us....nooooooooo! :-(

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Mike and Pam Sirrine said...

I hear ya. It's hard when your around food. I love to eat.